Kitten Wellness Plan

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kitten wellness planWhen you bring a new kitten home, they do bring a lot of joy with them. Owning a kitten comes with some major responsibilities. But you don’t have to take on those responsibilities alone because we are here to help. Pets First Animal Hospital has a well-developed kitten wellness plan that will help your new kitten get off to a great start!

Our Kitten Wellness Plan Will Help Protect Your New Pet

Once you have brought your new kitten into your home, you will need to bring him or her in to see our vets. Our office is here to give your kitten a complete physical to ensure that they are healthy. Then our vet will vaccinate the kitten. This will help in preventing diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus. Our vets will then test the kitten for parasites. Many kittens will test positive for tapeworms and if found, we will treat them to get rid of them.

Valuable Information Is Part of the Plan

During your kitten wellness visit, you will be provided with information on litter box training, socialization, nutrition and behavior. This vital information will help your new pet get a good start in life. So if you have brought a new kitten into your home, we would love to see them. Please contact us and set up your kitten wellness visit today.