Summer time is best time to enjoy mother nature with our furry loved one. However, with record temperatures around the country, it is important to keep your dogs protected from the heat.  While we are outside enjoying swimming, hiking and running with our pets, we have to keep in mind that warm weather can be dangerous. Unlike humans, It’s hard for pets to keep cool when the sun is beating down on them.  Since dogs don’t sweat like us, their method of cooling themselves off is through panting. Dog’s do not have sweat glands like us,  except for a few on their feet. Panting alone is not enough when they are breathing in warm air. 

Follow these easily tips to keep your pet safe from overheating:

Keep Your Dog’s Paws cool – Asphalt Can Get Really Hot!

When we walk our dogs, we tend to forget that surfaces like asphalt can get really hot! Walking our pets on asphalt not only burns, but also increases body temperature and can lead to overheating. Make sure to spray the paws and stomach, not just the top of the dog, when spraying it with water. A wet towel does more good on the bottom of your dog than when laid on the top of its coat.

Allow Your Pet To Have Access To Water And Shade

Our pets get much thirstier than we do when they get hot, and other than panting and drinking, they really have no way to cool themselves down. Keep your pet in the shade as often as possible and always have water on hand.

Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night

Like many of us, we have a normal routine of when we walk our pets. However, during the summer we may have to alter our schedule a bit to compromise for the heat. Try walking  your pet early in the morning or at night. This will allow your your walks to be more comfortable for both you and your dog.

Find Creative Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool

It may sound silly, but look into buying a kiddie pool for your pet. If the kiddie pool is too much, try laying down a wet towel for your dog to lie on. Sprinklers are a great way to spray the dogs with gentle mist.

Give Your Dog A Pass On Digging Holes

Digging holes is a method of avoiding heat. Dogs in nature dig their dens not out of frustration but to find food, hide, give birth or keep cool! If possible, find a shaded area and dig your pet a small hole to keep cool.

Find Other Activities That Will Allow Your Pet To Stay Cool

Throwing a frisbee or a ball outside is a great way to exercise your pet. Instead, try throwing the ball in the pool to allow them to stay cool. If your pet can’t swim, try holding them while you cool off in the swimming pool.


I know we have all heard of this one before, but it’s so important that we  still put this tip on here.  It only takes minutes for a pet to develop heat stroke and suffocate in a car. Most people don’t realize how hot it gets in parked cars. Even on a 78 degree day,  your pet can quickly overheat if the car is parked during in the sun. The inside of a car can reach 90 degrees in the shade and top 160 degrees in the sun. If you know you are going somewhere that is not pet friendly, leave your pet at home.  If you’re going on a long road trip, make sure you bring water and a water dish for your dog to have access to.

Watch for signs of dehydration.

Excessive panting, bloodshot eyes , and pale gums are signs of dehydration. If you lift your pet’s skin, it will take longer than usual for the skin to fall back into place.