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Gabby, a one year-old old Boxer Mix, was found by Miami-Dade County Animal Services as four-month old stray with third degree burns on her back.

After spending a few days at the shelter, Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue discovered Gabby on the internet. Gabby would be rescued and transported to Pets First Animal Hospitals for further treatment.

Upon arrival, Gabby was in a great deal of discomfort and pain due to the large surface of burn wounds. It was unsure what caused the burn wounds, but the veterinary staff at Pets First veterinary knew her recovery process will require a long extent of antibiotics and bandage changes.

Bandaged and brave, Gabby spent the next few months receiving treatments and check-ups from the Pets First veterinary staff. Gabby’s wounds would eventually heal, but due to the severity of the burn wounds, Gabby will forever have a disturbing scar on her back.

Gabby now lives happily at home running and playing with her new adopted family. Unfortunately, Gabby’s scars will continue to remind us of the pain and suffering she once experienced.  We can only hope that her rescue story continues to creates awareness for animal cruelty across the world.