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Sterling Cooper, a 3-year-old Pitbull and Cane Corso mix, was found as a 4 months old stray near the Florida and Georgia border. Local animal services near the area saw Sterling Cooper wondering near the highway and brought him back to the animal shelter to be evaluated.

Sterling Cooper arrived at the local animal shelter near the Florida boarder, where he was presented with green/yellow nasal discharge, coughing and a severe skin infection. Southern Paws Dog Rescue, saw Sterling Cooper posted on the internet and drove up to North Florida to rescue him.

After spending numerous days at the shelter, Southern Paws Rescue brought him to Pets First Animal Hospitals in Fort Myers, Florida for treatment. Sterling Cooper arrived at Pets First Animal Hospitals very anemic and weak. The combination of his coughing, nasal discharge and skin infection was taking a large toll on his immune system.

Unfortunately, Sterling Cooper tested positive for Heartworms. He would also be diagnosed with a serious case of Demodex and Upper Respiratory Infection. Over the course of the next few months, Sterling Cooper would be treated with various antibiotics for his Upper Respiratory Infection. To treat his Heartworms and Demodex, Sterling Cooper would be placed a on slow kill treatment plan of Ivermectin/Heartgard over a year period.

To monitor Sterling’s progress, he would receive weekly recheck appointments by Pets First veterinary staff over the next few months. Within a month, Sterling Cooper’s URI resolved and finally had the energy of a normal puppy. After a few months, Sterling started responding very well to the Ivermectin treatment, and finally grew all his hair back. After a year of the Heartworm slow kill treatment, Sterling Cooper tested negative for Heartworms.

With the compassionate care of Sterling Cooper’s new adopted family and Pets First veterinary staff, Sterling Cooper made a full recovery. Sterling Cooper now happily enjoys life at home with his new adopted family, and two rescue sisters, Winter and Roux.