14 09, 2017

Protecting your pets from harmful bacteria in the wake of Hurricane Irma

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In the wake of Hurricane Irma; one of the largest natural disasters to hit our country in years, there is a new threat we need to consider. Everyone in the state of Florida was affected by this hurricane and with flooding all over the state [...]

12 09, 2017

5 Things You Can Do For Your Pet After Hurricane Irma

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Now the Hurricane Irma has completed her trek through the state of Florida, we all hope that you and your loved ones are safe. Once you've taken care of your safety, it's time to consider the health of your animals. Hurricanes are not only stressful [...]

3 08, 2017

How To Prepare Your Pet For Hurricane Season!

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How to Prepare Your Pet For Hurricane Season! 1) How to Plan Ahead: Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with up to date identification tags. Microchip: Increase your chances of being reunited with your pet by being microchipped.  Make sure the microchip registration is [...]

23 06, 2017

New Faces Same Red-Carpet Service

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Pets First Animals Hospitals is excited to welcome Dr. Nareiby Llanes to our growing Pets First Family!      Dr. Llanes graduated Cum Laude from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine where she earned her doctorate degree in 2017. The year she graduated she became [...]

21 06, 2017

Advice On How To Protect Your Pet From The Summer Heat

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Summer time is best time to enjoy mother nature with our furry loved one. However, with record temperatures around the country, it is important to keep your dogs protected from the heat.  While we are outside enjoying swimming, hiking and running with our pets, we [...]

1 06, 2017

Did you know at least one in three dogs suffer from noise aversion?

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Noise aversion is a fearful reaction to noise. It is stressful for your dog — and is likely also stressful for you. Your dog could be suffering in silence. The good news is that here at Pets First Animal Hospitals, we have at-home remedies and [...]

1 06, 2017

Khloe Vists Ft Myers Clinic with Pneumonia

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Khloe, a 12 week old English Bulldog was evaluated at Pets First Animal Hospitals for wheezing, coughing, sneezing and nasal discharge.  Dogs that have bacterial pneumonia usually have a high fever, have difficulty breathing, have decreased exercise tolerance (tire easily), are lethargic, and have a [...]

20 09, 2016

Yearly Checkups at an Animal Hospital in Estero, FL

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Many of you are pet owners who simply love their animals.  You would do anything for them including spending your last dollar to keep them healthy.  But there may be one thing that you might be forgetting that could greatly increase your pet’s longevity.  Today [...]