Do you need a care plan for a full breed or a mixed breed?  If so, breed specific wellness plans are changing how vets care for your dogs.  Many pet owners these days are choosing to adopt mixed breed dogs over purchasing a full blooded registered canine. Mixed breed dogs make the finest pets and most of them are super cute! When a veterinarian sees a mixed breed dog, many of them have a hard time determining the genetics of the animal. This can cause problems because certain diseases and medical conditions are breed specific. However now there is something being done about this classic problem which will prevent illness.

Searching for A Specific Breed Mixture

With the advancements of genetic testing and database management, a veterinarian can now better determine breed mixture. As a result of using this method of genetic testing, there are over 200 breeds that can be easily detected in mixed breed dogs. Since this will help determine the breeds of the mixed dog, preventing the diseases and ailments are possible.

Breed Specific Wellness Plans

Now that veterinarians have powerful tools of genetic testing, they can create breed specific wellness plans for each dog treated. This new type of preventative medicine will help protect your pet from breed-specific conditions that they maybe predisposed to. This will give your vet a chance to prolong their life and prepare you for the road ahead.  In determining the breed of your dog, there is a blood or saliva test.  Knowing your dogs breed can save their lives one day and help you to encourage the proper health and wellness for the breed of the dog.  Most vets have care plans that include keeping your dog at the ideal weight, having regular dental care check up’s, and preventing infections and diseases. Due to the important nature of these statistics, they are a general guideline for all breeds.