Watch our very own Dr. Laxton on the Morning Blend Fox News talk about Nakita’s rescue story and helping this sweet girl find a fur-ever home!


Nakita loves being around kids!

Nakita’s Rescue Story:

Nikita’s family ran into some hard times and was unable to provide care for her. She was left alone in her crate; craving social interaction, a soft tissue injury of her knee, and a UTI (urinary tract infection). They were desperately trying to find a new home to support this sweet girl. Unfortunately, her fate became an Animal Shelter, that does euthanize! With Nikita’s lack of social interaction, her first emotions with other dogs were signs of aggression, making Nikita a higher candidate to be EUTHANIZED =(. Pets First CEO decided to SAVE Nikita and change her destined fate. With a rental car, caring Pets First Employees, lots of Cheetos,  Nikita was SAVED!

If you are interested in helping or adopting this sweet girl in need, please call one of our convenient locations.

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