When you spay and neuter your pets, you are doing them the world of good.  There are many benefits to spay and neuter surgery.  But there is some negative information out there that can confuse pet owners.  Talking to your local spay and neuter clinic can help clear up some of those negative rumors.  But instead of calling them today we are going to dispel these rumors for you.

Five Common Myths About Spay and Neuter Surgery

  1. Pet spaying can make your dog or cat gain weight:

    This is a common myth that many people actually believe. The truth is pet spaying does not cause weight gain.  Weight gain normally comes with age or inactivity.  Keeping your dog fit for years to come can be achieved by exercises and proper nutrition.

  2. It will make your pet lazy and docile:

    Another falsehood that you may run into is that having your pet fixed will make them lazy. Some people believe that this life-enhancing surgery can take the spunk out of any dog or cat.  This could not be further than the truth.  There are many dogs and cats that remain active for many years to come because of spaying and neutering.

  3. Spaying and neutering can cause cancer:

    The truth is spaying and neutering can actually prevent your pet from getting certain types of cancers including breast cancer and testicular cancer. This myth is probably one of the most damaging of all. This helpful surgery can also improve your pet’s quality of life and help them avoid the pains of the heat cycle.

  4. Your dog will not be protective:

    Many of you probably purchased your dog because you want it to be part of the family and help protect your home while you are not around. One myth that is very common states that spaying a dog or neutering a dog will take away their natural ability to protect.  Again, this is simply not the case.  Your dog’s protective nature comes for their love of the family.  Many dogs will go to great lengths to protect the pack even if they have been spayed or neutered.

  5. To spay and neuter your pet it will you cost an arm and a leg:

    Pet spaying and neutering is not as costly as it once was. In fact, these procedures are very affordable and should be a part of your pet’s overall health care expenses.  On the other hand, the costs of not getting your pet fixed can be very high.  If your dog or cat becomes pregnant, the cost of taking care of the litter can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.