Khloe, a 12 week old English Bulldog was evaluated at Pets First Animal Hospitals for wheezing, coughing, sneezing and nasal discharge.  Dogs that have bacterial pneumonia Pneumonia Diagramusually have a high fever, have difficulty breathing, have decreased exercise tolerance (tire easily), are lethargic, and have a cough. Other symptoms that may be present include a nasal discharge, loud breathing, rapid breathing, weight loss, anorexia and dehydration.

After a thorough exam, our veterinarian felt that it was imperative to perform x-rays and blood test after listening to her lungs. After reviewing the blood work results and radiographs, our veterinarian immediately knew that Khloe had a severe case of Pneumonia. Like any pet owner, the parents were distraught by the news. Our caring staff here at Pets First, took immediate action to comfort the owners and discuss the treatment plan on how we are going to help Khloe treat this infection.  Treating Pneumonia in pets, especially puppies, is a very labored intense treatment plan that involves antibiotics, nebulization and follow-up exams with x-rays to monitor progression.

The first step to treating Khloe’s Pneumonia, was to obtain a culture and sensitivity test. These test are imperative to identifying the specific bacterial species causing the infection and finding the appropriate antibiotics to combat the infection. After receiving the culture sensitivity results, we were able to place Khloe on the correct antibiotics. The next focus was to help loosen secretions and promote coughing out inflammatory debris. We coordinated with the owners a daily schedule of when Khloe could come in to receive nebulization from our staff.  If there was a scheduling conflict, we recommended another helpful home treatment by placing KhKhloe Nebulization Treatmentloe in a closed bathroom with a warm shower running for about 15 minutes up to 3 times per day. This increase in humidity has the effect of thinning out the mucus in the airways so that it is coughed up more readily.

Over the next several weeks, we monitored Khloe’s symptoms closely with follow-up exams and rechecking chest x-rays. Each week she showed signs of improvement. Finally the day came when Khloe finished her last dose of antibiotics and came in for a routine follow-up exam. We performed one last blood work panel and chest x-ray to confirm that Khloe’s Pneumonia had resolved. After reviewing the radiographs and blood work results, our staff eagerly ran into the exam room to give the good news to owners. A month later, we are so happy to see Khloe enjoying life at home as a Bulldog puppy. Thanks to our amazing care and staff here at Pets First Animals Hospitals, we wKhloe Pneumonia Resolvedere able to have another have another successful outcome!

Please visit our Pet Library on our website to learn more about Pneumonia and any other infectious disease or symptoms your pet might be exposed to.