When you come to the Pets First Animal Hospital in Fort Myers you should expect to be warmly greeted upon arrival.  At Pets First it is so important that you feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door.  We work hard to ensure that our staff is both prepared for anything, and ready to give you and your pet the attention, dedication, and support you so very much deserve.

dogkissOnce you are checked in, and your pet has been introduced to our receptionist, you will be directed into one of our exam rooms.  At this time you will see a vet technician who will ask you some questions regarding your pet’s history including medical history, current condition(s) and the reason for your visit, gathering data for the doctor to get to know your pet prior to assessing.

Once the tech has pulled together the history of your pet, the vet will come in and begin to do a thorough exam of your pet. At this time the doctor will have more questions and will order tests (if needed) to diagnose the patient. Most tests can be done in the office, and once the doctor has the chance to run these tests, diagnoses and treatment options will be provided.

Our vets and office staff are very knowledgeable and always willing to help.  We invite you to bring your questions and we will happily answer to the best of our knowledge.  It is so important that you have a good conversation with your veterinarian so you know that the vet you choose is the right one for you and your family pet.

Upon finishing your questions to the vet, you will most likely see the vet technician again who will discuss some helpful pet care tips with you to ensure that all of you questions are answered.  Then we will process your payment and schedule any follow-ups that are requested.

At Pets First Animal Hospital, our priority is making your visit as wonderful as possible, and while we don’t anticipate any delays, we do sometimes have emergencies that walk through the door and we do our best to ensure that every patient is stable as soon as possible.  Just know that we would do the same for your beloved pet.  We are truly excited to meet you and your pet and hope that you will consider Pets First Animal Hospital before choosing your permanent vet.