Local AnesthesiaWhen Pets First Animal Hospital performs small or simple surgeries, we often use local anesthesia. This will help your pet feel less pain during the procedure. One type of medical procedure that we use a local for is a biopsy. This allows our veterinarian to numb the area taking away any pain that your pet may feel. Sometimes we use a sedative combined with local anesthesia to help your pet relax more. This will not harm your animal in any way.  Our vets will determine if local anesthesia is better because general anesthesia isn’t always necessary.

If You Have Any Questions about Local Anesthesia Feel Free to Ask

We know that you the pet owner get nervous anytime your pet has to undergo any kind of surgery even a small one. That’s why our vet will love to hear any questions that you may have. We will provide you with detailed information on everything that we will be doing. This will help put your mind at ease to know that everything will be done to keep your pet safe during surgery. Please contact us today with any questions you may have.