medicated bathsIf your pet has fleas, ticks or skin conditions, a medicated bath will provide relief. Our vet office is proud to offer medicated bath services. Medicated baths are recommended for the majority of skin conditions. A medicated bath is a very relaxing experience for most dogs and cats.  At Pets First Animal Hospital, we do everything within our power to make our furry patients feel right at home and relaxed.  Our dedication to the comfort and care of your pet is a priority.

We Always Conduct an Examination before Medicated Baths

Pets First Animal Hospital will give your pet a full examination to rule out any underlying conditions causing skin problems. In addition to a medicated bath, our vets want to get to the root cause of the skin problems to rule out something more serious. For example, thyroid disease can cause skin issues in pet’s.

Call Pets First Animal Hospital Today and Set Up an Appointment

 If your pet has fleas or skin conditions, contact us today so that we can help treat them. We provide medicated baths here in the office. But if you feel that your pet will respond better at home, we can prescribe you a medicated bath that you can use in the comfort of your own home. So make sure to contact us today so that we can help your pet feel better soon.