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Pets First is here to assist you with the process of completing your pet’s health certificate. Our USDA accredited veterinarians are able to complete all veterinary services and test that are required for domestic and international health certificates.

Please call 1-855-410-1800 to speak with a Pets First veterinary staff member directly.  Remember to call 6-months in advance before traveling. This will allow our veterinary staff  time to research and coordinate when your pet’s vaccines, diagnostic test and exam are required to be completed.

All pet owners need to properly plan ahead by checking all the requirements that need to be completed before traveling with your pet. Depending on your destination, a travel health certificate is required to be completed before you can fly with your pet(s) in the US or out of the country.

Domestic Health Certificates:

Domestic flight certificates are often required when traveling with your pet on a plane. However, owners need to call their airline provider in advance to find out what their policies are for animal travel. Typically, these requirements include:
  • Veterinarian Exam By A Licensed Veterinarian (within 30 days prior to travel)
  • Required Vaccines Up To Date
  • Any Additional Diagnostic Testing
  • Size Of Pet, Age, Sex and Weight
  • Size and Weight Of Crate
  • A domestic health certificate is only valid for 30 days. If your return date exceeds the 30 day health certificate limit, you will need to purchase a second health certificate from another veterinarian before you can travel by plane again.

International Health Certificates

Pet owners flying out of the country need to plan far in advance to meet certain international requirements. Unfortunately, each country has different requirements that need be completed in a certain time frame in order for  your pet to travel out of the country. Most international health certificate requirements include:

  • Diagnostic tests and procedures to be done six or more months in advance.
  • Rabies Titer completed 30 days (minimum) after rabies vaccine was given.
    • A blood titer test for pet dogs and cats is required by many rabies-free countries and some countries with a rabies-controlled (third) countries in order for dogs and cats to qualify for a reduced quarantine period or no quarantine at all when they are traveling from qualified areas.

    • Some of the countries that require the test are: Hawaii (US), Guam, Japan, St. Kitts and Nevis, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, the Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa and others.

  • Required To Be On A Flea and Heartworm Prevention
  • Some countries also require that the certificate should be translated into the language of that country. Many South and Central American countries are examples of this.
  • Traveling to the European Union
    • You must use the new non-commercial or commercial EU health certificates depending on whether you or your designated representative are traveling with or within 5 days of your pet or your pet is traveling alone.
Please visit  USDA – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to start researching your international destination requirements for your pet(s).