dermatologyOne of the most common problems a veterinarian deals with is skin issues. Dermatology problems can be wide-ranging and they are caused by many different sources. Hormone changes, weather conditions, allergies, mites, and fleas can all cause skin issues.  In Addition, certain foods and some of the things your pet may find to eat outside can cause rashes.

Determining Your Pets Skin Condition with Animal Dermatology

Sometimes our vet office will be able to determine the root cause of your pet’s skin condition simply by giving them a physical exam. On the other hand, if your pet’s skin condition is complicated, we may need to run a further test to give an accurate diagnosis. We may even need to run blood work to determine what is causing your pet’s discomfort because it could be breed related.

Contact Pets First Animal Hospital Today If You Notice These Signs

 If you notice hair loss, redness, scabs, lumps, or scaling on your pet’s coat, have our vet take a look. These symptoms can be a sign of a more serious condition that can only be determined by a professional. So if you notice these or other skin issues with your pets, please contact us and make an appointment today.