flea prevention and tick controlFlea Prevention

Pets First Animal Hospital offers complete flea prevention. Our vets understands how serious a flea infestation can be. Fleas can cause serious harm to your pet if not controlled properly. Fleas can cause disease and even carry tapeworms. But getting fleas under control and preventing them from returning can be a difficult task. Our veterinarian will work with you to understand the flea’s life cycle. Pets First will recommend some products you can use at home.  Let’s examine tick control techniques because just like fleas, ticks are pesky creatures we don’t want to deal with.

Comprehensive Tick Control

Ticks are another blood-sucking pest that can harm your pet. Ticks carry many different diseases that can not only infect your pet but you as well. Ticks can even cause serious medical issues with your pet that includes paralysis. Diseases that ticks carry include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and many more.  As a result of catching a tick, many animals could show no signs of being sick. Some of the warning signs that your pet might be infected by ticks are weight loss, trouble breathing, fever, and weakness.  A great way to avoid tick related illnesses is to examine your pet often.  Due to the size of ticks, it is often hard to find them.  Make sure to pull back the hair and really examine the area to find them because tick related illness can kill your pet.

Let Pets First Animal Hospital Help with All Your Flea and Tick Needs

 Your pet should be examined and treated for fleas.  There are also tick treatments to ask about.  Our vet will provide you with all the medications needed to kill fleas and ticks and keep them from coming back. No matter if your pet has a flea or tick problem, we can help prevent them from troubling your animal. Contact Pets First Animal Hospital today for all your flea and tick needs.