orthopedic surgery on an animalHere at Pets First Animal Hospital, we perform several different types of orthopedic surgery for your pet. These surgeries focus on repairing your pet’s bones. Today, we are going to take a look at several common types of bone orthopedic surgeries that we perform on a regular basis.  It is so important that you take the time to see a vet about your pet’s orthopedic needs before it becomes a bigger problem.

Common Types of Orthopedic Surgery

Leg fractures are the most common injury type that our veterinarian sees on a regular basis. Pets of all kinds fracture their legs very easily and it is our job to repair those fractures. Below are a few ways that our vet can fix a fractured leg.

  • External fixation helps to stabilize the fracture by utilizing a system of pins that are located on the outside of the leg. These pins pass through the skin and then into the bone.
  • Pinning is another method that utilizes pins. Pinning helps to stabilize the fracture by placing a long rod in the middle of the bone.
  • Plating uses flat bar in this method and is screwed to the bone in order to stabilize the fracture allowing it to heal.

We Also Perform Other Types of Bone Related Surgeries

Two other common types of bone-related surgeries that we perform are hip dysplasia and disc disease repair. So no matter what your pet’s orthopedic needs are, we are here to help. If our office is not capable of handling your pet’s orthopedic needs, we will refer you to the best.  So contact Pets First Animal Hospital today and get your pet on the road to recovery.