soft tissue surgeryHere at Pets First Animal Hospital, we perform a wide range of procedures including surgery. One common type of surgery we perform in office is soft tissue surgery. This simply means surgery on areas of the body that does not include bone. There are many different types of soft tissue surgeries and below you will learn more about what our veterinarian can perform.  In addition, Pets First Animal Hospital hopes to answer all of your preliminary questions prior to your office visit.

Common Types of Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Lump removal: Probably the most common types of soft tissue surgery are the removal of lumps and masses. When these are removed, they are often sent to a laboratory to get tested for various things including cancer. While most lumps are harmless, we still have to rule out cancer for your pet’s safety.  Also a lump can cause great discomfort.
  • Ear surgery: If your dog or cat suffers from frequent ear infections they just might benefit from ear surgery. This will correct structural issues with the ears allowing them to drain better.
  • Eye surgery: Sometimes a pet will damage their eye and they may need surgery to repair it. Also, your pet may suffer from eye related problems that affect their vision and may benefit from corrective surgery.

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If your pet needs soft tissue surgery, our vet can help. We have performed hundreds of these surgeries over the years, and we can help your pet as well. So please feel free to contact us today.