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neutering and spayingTo help control the pet population and to protect your pet from serious life threatening disease, our vet office suggests spaying and neutering. These simple procedures can prolong the life of your pet and make their quality of life much better. You will also never have to worry about unwanted pregnancy. Today, we are going to take a deeper look at what these two procedure entail.


Spaying is a procedure that is performed on female pets. This process removes the ovaries and the uterus. By doing so, your female pet will have a reduced risk of certain types of cancers, bacterial infections, and other reproductive diseases. This will also prevent her from going into the heat cycle which can help improve her quality of life.


Neutering is the process of removing the testicles. By having your male pet neutered, you will decrease his chances of contracting many different types of cancers including prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Also, it will improve his quality of life and you will not have to worry about him wandering off if there is a female dog in heat.

Having your pet spayed or neutered will greatly increase their life expectancy and make life for them much easier. We offer both spaying and neutering services. Most of the time your pet can go home the same day of the procedure. So why not do the responsible thing and contact us today?