How to Prepare Your Pet For Hurricane Season!

1) How to Plan Ahead:

  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with up to date identification tags.
      • Microchip: Increase your chances of being reunited with your pet by being microchipped.  Make sure the microchip registration is in your name. 
      • Put your cell phone number on your pet’s tag: It will allow the person that found your pet to call you directly.  It doesn’t hurt to put two numbers on your pet’s tag as a back up.
  • Find a safe place to stay ahead of time:
    • Contact hotels outside your immediate area to find out if they accept pets. Ask about any restrictions on number, size and species. “no pet” policy would be waived in an emergency? Keep a list of animal-friendly places handy for when it comes time.

Check out these websites to help you find a pet friendly hotel:

  • If You Are Unable To Bring Your Pet: 

    • Make arrangements with friends or relatives.
      • Ask people outside your immediate area if they would be able to shelter your pet(s)
    • Consider a kennel or veterinarian’s office.
      • Make a list of boarding facilities and veterinary offices that might be able to shelter animals in disaster emergencies (make sure to include their 24-hour telephone numbers).
    • Check with your local animal shelter.
      • Some shelters may be able to provide foster care or shelter for pets in an emergency.

2) If You And Your Pet Are Caught In The Storm:

  • Bring your pets indoors as soon as local news and authorities say trouble is on the way
  • Put together an emergency kit to keep in your safe room
    • Pet’s crate, litter box, bowls, leashes and carriers
    • Medications and medical records or any other identification tags
    • Pet food (preferably can) and jugs of water.
  • Close off any areas where it might be unsafe or possible to escape.
    • Move dangerous items such as tools or objects that may fall and harm anyone during the storm.
  • Keep dogs on leashes and cats in carriers throughout the storm.

3) After The Disaster:

  • While assessing the damage:
    • keep dogs on leashes and cats in carriers inside the house the entire time.
  • Electricity is out:If possible, find the nearest pet-friendly hotel/facility near you. If it’s summer, even just an hour or two in the grueling heat can be dangerous for your pet. You can also try to locate or call your local emergency management office to see if there are any pet-friendly cooling centers in the area. Always keep water available.
  • If Your Community Is Flooded:
    • have your pet avoid any stagnant water where your pet could be exposed to parasites and Leptospirosis.

.Now is the time to prepare you and your pet for any emergency!